October 2014


Click below to find a unique web gallery of some of Jack's many paintings,  representing both oil and pastel portraits, both large and small works.

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Real live artist

Jump here to Jack's other gallery called RealLiveArtist.com for updates of what he's currently involved with and finished. 

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ADVENT Calendar

From last December, view Jack's 2013 Advent Calendar with a new image and text for the 25 days of Christmas plus Epiphany.

Take a look!

About the Artist

Jack Anglin is an ordained minister who has served churches for thirty years. His wife is the organist at First Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach. They have a daughter living in New York and a son in Raleigh. 

Jack always painted and sketched, and made a living as a young man on the east coast and in Las Vegas painting portraits.  He began working more seriously as an artist/minister in 1993 and since has created many portraits and an array of landscapes and seascapes. Nocturnes are of great interest as are marine subjects.

Besides the fine art paintings and portraits, Jack appreciates the amazing advances we've made with photography and digital media and he continues to learn, grow and evolve as an artist and one who uses technology when appropriate.  However, working from life is the most fun and challenging thing for a painter, so he hopes to have more of those opportunities --perhaps with you!

It is a pleasure and an honor to be commissioned and entrusted to make an image that has such meaning.  I strive to make the entire experience of having a portrait made one of the most enjoyable and thrilling experiences for patrons and families. Satisfaction is not just guaranteed it is planned for and hoped to continue long after the work of art is framed and unveiled.


Jack is creating more galleries like the Portrait Gallery and will add links here soon.

Coming are works for sale such as:
Lighthouses (oils and pastels)
Local scenes
beach and seascapes