updated October 2014


Click below to find a unique web gallery of some of Jack's many paintings,  representing both oil and pastel portraits, both large and small works.

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Real live artist

Jump here to Jack's other gallery called RealLiveArtist.com for updates of what he's currently involved with or finished. 

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ADVENT Calendar

From last December, view Jack's 2013 Advent Calendar with a new image and text for the 25 days of Christmas plus Epiphany.

Take a look!


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such as how to start the process, various techniques, a fee schedule, and framing.

Watch for more galleries like the 
Portrait Gallery! More links here soon.


The artist paints large and small, lifesize items and also miniatures. Below is The Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's Flagship) measuring 36 inches high by 24 inches wide.

Spiritual works

Jack creates a wide range of religious and spiritual works as you can find in his Advent Calendar and as seen in the large images above with the children. Those are 48 inch high commissions for churches and all recognizable faces of the local children.

Lighthouses (oils and pastels)
Still Life (mostly flowers)
Local Virginia Beach Scenes
Beach Images and Seascapes