The Healing of The Blind Man /  The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 8
original painting by Jack Anglin,  for The Bethel Baptist Church in Deep Run, NC

Fine Art for Churches and Commissions

From the artist,...

You may know that I've created many large commissions for churches, and I would love to discuss that posibility with you, of making something special and unique for your church or business. Paintings like the one above, are large oil paintings of Jesus and a crowd of children, and all the faces and figures are identifiable images of kiddos from the church.

I'll be glad to describe these paintings in person and send you photos and literature to illuminate and share the idea with church committees. These sort of commissions can become a great gift to the church and remain a stunning part of your legacy. It's actually how we got almost all the great art treasures we so admire,--they were the gifts of patrons often seeking absolution from their sins, (does that give you any ideas?), or from church leaders desiring a temporal form of immortality (no likeness to any clergy implied).

These large commissioned works (most at 6x4 feet, --not so huge) are also a fine solution to what to do with some of that money languishing in those memorial accounts! Maybe a few accounts could be combined? You can't use that money for the HVAC or parking lot! Act now as it will take a year or so to have a painting complete and hanging! Let's plan a time to talk about it!

Every church that has one of my commissioned pieces is very pleased with their painting, which has become a treasured and inspiring work of art that always gets positive attention. Imagine seeing your youthful image, or that of your child, in a great painting along with Jesus hanging in your church! Young men and women I painted decades ago now revisit churches with their own kids and enjoy seeing themselves present in a cherished work of art that is prominently displayed in their home church. How cool is that? It could be something fantastic in your church!